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After Dark in Majorca

Magaluf is the hottest place in Majorca for nightlife, with shows like The Pirates Dinner & Show, Es Foguero Dinner & Show and The Coco La Nuit Dinner Show and nightclubs & bars like BCM Magaluf, Tito's Nightclub, Fusion and Linekers.

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After Dark in Majorca
Magaluf Nightlife.

One of the most bold and energetic tourist spots in the whole island of Majorca is Magaluf which is very popular with young people looking for a night out to remember, in Magaluf you will find an assortment of English style bars and trendy pubs, here in Magaluf you will find that most of the bars remain open until the early hours of the morning.

Apart from being a home to Majorca's biggest and most happening nightclub, including BCM Magaluf and many other well known clubs and bars like Lennon's, Poco, Linekers and Fusion where you will see stag and hen parties, kissing contests, wet t-shirts contests will give you a fun packed night out, one of the best parts of Magaluf's amazing nightlife is the Pirates dinner and show has excellent food and great acts.


The resort of Palma is teemed with numerous nightclubs, bars and restaurants and offers a vibrant nightlife for local groups of young people. Most of the establishments mainly the bars in the Sa Llotja region remain open until the early hours of the morning. The trendy and hip bars can always be seen brimming with a young crowd looking for an adventurous night out.

There is an assortment of places to hang out in Palma, which is home to the renowned Tito's Nightclub, it also has the district of El Terreno, another nightlife area. If you want to experience the exciting nightlife in Palma, then take a look at the local guide containing relevant information about the clubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, events and concerts in the area.

BCM Magaluf.

If an exciting nightout is what you are looking for then look no further, Majorca has plenty of nightclubs that will give you a great night out. Magaluf offers a lively nightlife with the most renowned BCM Planet Dance which is spread over three floors each consisting of individual bars and large enough to hold nearly 4000 guests, BCM Magaluf is really hard to beat!

To get into the club you have to pay an entrance fee and you will have access to all floors, BCM Magaluf owes most of it's popularity to the exotic dancers, popcorn parties, foam parties and stunning laser shows and most importantly famous guest DJ's such as Carl Cox and Judge Jules.

Son Amar Dinner Show.

One of the most fascinating shows on the island of Majorca is the Son Amar Dinner Show which provides an outstanding night out with a perfect blend of top class entertainment and excellent menus. Upon entering you will be offered a range of packages to choose from, pick Gold or Platinum package for the dinner and show, in the Platinum package you will get the best seats, ensuring an excellent view of the show.

At the Son Amar Dinner Show you can enjoy mouth watering dishes while watching brilliant performances on stage, be a part of a remarkable evening of Mediterranean music and dance, equine exhibition, a ventriloquist show and the famous dancing fountains, most recently Son Amar offered the audience an exceptional performance by The Drifters and an amazing Tina Turner Tribute by Sharon McKie.

Tito's Nightclub.

Amidst the wide array of outstanding nightclubs Tito's Nightclub has a distinctiveness of it's own, situated in the resort of Palma this nightclub draws a large number of tourists seeking an invigorating night out. Tito's Nightclub is described as one of the classiest establishments in Majorca, Tito's Nightclub has two entrances, you can either take the nice glass elevator or enter through the Plaza Gomilla.

This famous night club has witnessed many celebrities visiting the place, among the famous personalities who have visited Tito's Nightclub include Marlene Dietrich, Ray Charles and more recently Michael Douglas. Tito's Nightclub is capable of hosting 2000 guests, the club offers great music, go-go dancers and a marvelous light show, the charming atmosphere of Tito's including the best cocktail menu make Tito's Nightclub one of the most popular nightclubs in Majorca.

Coco La Nuit Dinner Show.

The Coco La Nuit Dinner Show is held with much acclamation in Palma, Coco La Nuit Dinner Show offers complete family entertainment for visitors, the setting for the dinner and show is quite overwhelming with a homely atmosphere in a typical Mallorcan court yard. Guests are offered exquisite delicacies which they can enjoy while taking pleasure in the spectacular show presented by Transvestites, Drag Queens and most importantly Magicians.

Delicious Mediterranean cuisine is served by cordial staff and includes grilled meats, a wide variety of tapas and seafood and only the freshest local products are used to make these dishes. Guests can taste the finest of wines and a delicious dessert menus as well, to make the most of your fun filled holiday in Majorca visit the Coco La Nuit Dinner Show for a night out to remember, please note booking is recommended.


Es Foguero Dinner & Show.

Es Foguero Dinner & Show is a magnificent extravaganza, the venue is situated 12 miles from Palma and is just about 2 miles away from Son Sant Joan Airport, Es Foguero is a must visit tourists, the recently revamped Es Foguero offers a wide range of menus for the whole family, even children can choose from their own extensive menu.

The Es Foguero staff are friendly and are always at your service, the food here is prepared from high quality ingredients, the Es Foguero show starts at 20.30pm presenting an assortment of acts ranging from ballet to cabaret, to Broadway, the spectacular Es Foguero Dinner & Show provides a night out the whole family will enjoy.

Pirates Dinner & Show.

If you are in pursuit of an incredible night out then Pirates Dinner & Adventure Show is the perfect place for you, Pirates Dinner & Show has been entertaining it's guests for over 21 years, this outstanding show is a unique blend of dancing, acrobatics and gymnastics and is located in Magaluf, Majorca. One of the main characteristics of the Pirates Adventure is audience participation, spectators are divided into groups, with each section having their own captain.

Guests can indulge in the "Buccaneers Feast" and enjoy the ecstatic "Pirate's Punch" whilst watching the show, children and vegetarians also have special menus, the "Quarter Deck" which is the command centre of the ship is the VIP area, the seating arrangements are layed out in a manner that you will find yourself in the centre of all the excitement.

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Nightlife in Majorca

Nightlife Majorca

Nightlife in Majorca

Nightlife in Majorca

Nightlife in Majorca

Nightlife in Majorca

Nightlife in Majorca

Nightlife in Majorca

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