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Caves of Drach
Ctra Cuevas s/n, Porto Cristo
+34 971 82 07 53

Caves of Drach directions
One of the key attractions on the island of Majorca is the Caves of Drach, it is hugely popular with scores of tourists coming here every year. The Caves of Drach is formed by three main caves named Cueva Negra (Black Cave), Cueva Blanca (White Cave) and Cueva Luis Salvator. The lovely La Ventana (the window) situated at the end of Cueva Luis Savator presents a charming view of the enormous Lake Lago Martel, Cueva de los Franceses (Cave of the French) marks the latest discovery of Porto Cristo. Here visitors can roam about freely and take in the sights of fabulous stalagmites and stalactites embellishing the wondrous caves, the lake offers a mesmerizing concert by musicians performing live on boats, tourists can also go for a short boat trip.

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Caves of Drach

Caves of Drach

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