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Majorca Museum
Carrer de sa Portella 5, Palma
+34 971 717 540
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If your looking to learn more about traditional Spanish culture then a good place to start is the Majorca Museum, another key attraction in Majorca, esteemed as the best in the whole Balearic Islands, Museu de Majorca is near the renowned cathedral of the island. The Museu de Majorca was opened in 1968 and is set in the ancient building of Palau Ayamans which was built almost 400 years ago.

The Museu de Majorca rich historical significance is evident from the presentation of intriguing collections and a great many exhibits, with remarkable findings during excavations the main highlighted part of the exhibition is the archaic artifacts, there are also invaluable Moorish ceramics, Medieval and Baroque paintings and remains of prehistoric structures with traces of an epical past, Majorca Museum is certainly worth a visit.

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Majorca Museum

Majorca Museum

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