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Explore Majorca

If your looking to make the most of your holiday then Majorca has plenty of great places to explore like Palma Cathedral and Tropical Park Jumaica, if your planning to visit the beach you will be spoilt for choice for beaches as Majorca has many great beaches that are well worth checking out.

Explore Majorca
General Overview.

The amazing island of Majorca or Mallorca welcomes you to the most invigorating and rejuvenating holiday you have ever experienced. Over the years Majorca, the majestic part of the Balearic Islands, Spain has gained immense popularity among tourists for the abundance of attractions spread throughout the island. The vivacious land of Majorca, with it's charming weather, beautiful sunny coasts and picturesque landscapes is esteemed as one of the most captivating destinations of the Balearics.

With the dawn of mass tourism in the 1950s this sun soaked haven has witnessed scores of holidaymaker's teeming in to the island with great enthusiasm, but there's far more to Majorca than the holy trinity of sun, sand and sea, Majorca and it's mesmerizing vistas of hilltop villages, Gothic architecture, olive groves and hidden beaches will enthrall your senses.


Your holiday does not get any bigger or better than the feast on Majorca! the pulsating atmosphere of the island has long attracted thousands of vacationers to it's plentiful variety of sites and scenes. Majorca offers you a whole lot of fun filled things to do, depending on whether you are looking for an active holiday or a relaxing one, Majorca has something for everyone. If you are looking for a relaxing and refreshing beach holiday then look no further, Majorca is home to the most stunning beaches in the Balearic Islands, there are nearly 80 beaches in Majorca that have excellent facilities.

The fine golden sand and the vast ocean will give you the optimum holidaying experience, the best beaches lie mainly to the north and north east part of the island. If an active holiday is what you are planning then Majorca is just the right place for you, the abundance of attractions including attractive museums, castles, caves, art galleries, brilliant shows and exciting nightlife present the true colours of the island of Majorca. The ancient structures bear the historical and cultural significance of the place, among the must sees here is the Museu de Mallorca, Museu d'Art Espanyol Contemporani, La Seu Palma Cathedral, Castell del Bellver, Joan Miro Foundation, Banys └rabs, Caves of Drach, Caves of Arta, various Nature Parks and the outstanding Dinners & Shows.

If you are a sports buff and want to take an exciting day out then Majorca won't disappoint you, Majorca offers a wide array of water and adventure sports, including sailing, scuba diving, water skiing, canoeing, jet skiing, windsurfing, banana boats and fishing. Among the adventure sports you can enjoy in Majorca include cycling, mountain biking, walking, hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, paint ball and hot air balloons. For those who want a change from the beach there are also some leisure activities including golf, swimming, gym and tennis, whilst on holiday in Majorca you can take pleasure in any of these sporting activities.

Parque Natural de Sa Dragonera.

Sa Dragonera is also known as the desert island, geologically the isle of Sa Dragonera is a prolongation of the Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains but it is separated by a narrow canal, the abrupt cliffs form the coastline of this unblemished region, mostly the north eastern part. Visitors can reach this mesmerizing islet either by sea or by road, Sa Dragonera possess's a great ecosystem and has abundant vegetation of rosemary, buckthorns, wild olive trees, heather and dwarf palms.

The remarkable presence of various endemism such as 'Sipthorcia africana', hypericum perforaturm, 'Launea cervicornis' and 'pa porci' makes it so important for the ecology. The amazing variety of birds including Eleonor's falcon, shag and herring bull gives this place a uniqueness of it's own, among the species of reptiles, the Balearic lizard is worth mentioning, the Visitor Centre in the Nature Park, near Cala Mondragˇ beach will provide you with much needed information about the park.

Tropical Park Jumaica.

Set in a picturesque backdrop the complex of Jumaica was started in 1973 and initially started as a family affair, the vast region of barren land has been dramatically altered into a tropical paradise and is situated on the Ctra Porto Colom on Porto Cristo road, nearly 1.5 km south of the Calas de Majorca, this fascinating place is rapidly becoming one of the major attractions on the island.

The vivid colourful and serene environment with attractive surroundings has a therapeutic effect on visitors, scores of tourists flock here throughout the year and take pleasure in the captivating surroundings of Jumaica with bounties of nature. The complex has a banana plantation covering most of the areas and is home to beautiful tropical birds, countless species of plants and a wide array of other animals, take a day off to visit Jumaica and plunge into the ecstasies of nature.

Serra De Tramuntana.

This is one place you can't afford to miss in Majorca, situated in the north coast of the island this is one spectacular mountain range with lush pine forests and is a retreat from the summer of the plains. This mountain range runs from Andratx to Pollenca, there are 10 peaks having heights of more than 1,000 meters and are mostly concentrated in Lluc.

Puig Major (1,445m) and Puig Massanella (1,349m) being two of the highest peaks of this region, the best way to enjoy the beauty of this region is by hiking where you can enjoy the beauty of the tiny villages, fresh air, pine trees and rosemary bushes. A car or bus ride along Soller to Lluc through numerous tunnels and gorges can be another memorable experience, this road also takes you to the mighty peaks of Puig Major and Puig Massanella.

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Explore Majorca

Explore Majorca

Explore Majorca

Explore Majorca

Explore Majorca

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