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Travelling around Majorca

Majorca's excellent transport network makes it very easy to reach all the popular attractions on the island, whether your travelling by car, ferry, train or Metro.

Travelling around Majorca
Getting Around Majorca By Car.

Majorca is a small island that is about 125 km from one end to another and takes about 2 hours to drive from the eastern to the western extremity. Majorca has an excellent road network and good road conditions makes travelling by car a good option. Majorca has plenty of main roads and all the towns and villages are easily accessible, the capital Palma is connected through a trifurcation with the west, northwest and southwestern parts of the island. The petrol stations in the remote parts of Majorca can be difficult to find, most of Majorca's petrol stations are generally open from 6AM to 10PM and in major cities there is 24 hours service available. For car rentals you will need to have your passport and driving license at hand, you can contact Real Automobile Club de Espana (RACE) (Tel: 915 933 333) for any assistance during your trip.

Getting Around Majorca By Train.

There are two main railway lines from Placa d'Espanya in Palma, the first one connects Palma with the town of Soller and takes you through a picturesque route within the Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains, this track has been in operation since 1912 and is one of the most fascinating travel experiences in Majorca, don't miss it if it's your first visit to the island. The second route is not as breathtaking as the first one and it gets you to the city of Inca, which is famous for it's leather goods and Thursday market, from Inca this line is bifurcated to the towns of Pobla and Manacor respectively, the details of this route, like train schedule are availabe at

Getting Around Majorca By Sea.

The ferry service is one of the most convenient modes of transportation for getting around Majorca, travelling by sea can be cheap and it doesn't take too much time either, all the major port towns are connected through ferry services and the frequency is also pretty good. The capital Palma is connected with many of the major towns of the Balearic Island, for tourists there are frequent ferry services available from Palma, Cala Ratjada and Port d'Alcúdia. There is also an option of catching a super fast ferry service from Manorca to Alcudia, water taxi is another ride you can enjoy, this is a nice way to visit the different resorts around Majorca.

Getting Around Majorca By Bus.

The cheapest option to get around Majorca is by bus and is the most extensive of all public transport, all the major towns are well connected and even the remotest of villages are also connected thus making a major part of the whole island accessible. Palma de Majorca bus terminus is the main station for all bus services in Palma and there are plenty of bus operators to choose from. Empresa Municipal de Transports Urbans de Palma de Majorca is the main service operator for travelling within the city of Palma, for travelling to villages you can opt for the Transport de les Illes Balears. Sightseeing by bus can be fun and you are allowed 24 hours of unlimited bus use by purchasing one ticket, a round trip in the city of Palma by bus takes about 80 minutes and many of the famous tourist attractions are covered.

Getting Around Majorca By Motorbike/Bicycle.

If you want to get around Majorca at your own pace the best option for you would be to hire a motorbike, scooter or bicycle, the island of Majorca is famous for bike riders, seeing tourists on hired bikes is a very common sight in Majorca. There are different varieties of bikes to choose from, you can rent bikes from 50cc up to 125cc for a day or even a week. Faraway locations like the Arta Mountains are easily accessible from Palma, the rental costs of bikes and bicycles vary and you can do a bit of bargaining to get the best deal, if your looking to rent a scooter or motorbike you will need to carry your driving license and passport.

Getting Around Majorca By Metro.

One quick and convenient way of getting around in the city of Palma is by using the Metro which is a subway line that was built between 2005 to 2007, the Metro is 7.2 km long and consists of 9 stations and became operational on 25th April 2007 and starts from the University of the Balearic Islands. You can travel from Plaça d'Espanya to places like Jacint Verdaguer, Camí dels Reis and Son Sardina.

Getting Around Majorca By Walking.

One of the finest ways to experience the charm and grandeur of Majorca's most beautiful localities is to take a stroll with the help of a local guide, there are 9 cultural and historical guided tours organized by the tourist board of Palma. You can take a walk through the old Jewish quarters, cathedrals and old streets, fascinating stories of this ancient city will be unveiled to you by the multi-lingual guide, this is the best way to soak up the ambience of Majorca. Your guide will explain all the mystic stories about these monuments, you will also come across the Plaza Cort, Santa Eulalia church and Palma's oldest square, these walking tours generally take about 2 hours and operate throughout different times of the day.

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