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Museums in Majorca

The best of Majorca's rich cultural history can be seen in it's many buildings & museums like Majorca Museum, The Castell De Bellver, Palma Cathedral, The CCA Andratx Art Centre and at The Museu d'Art Espanyol Contemporani.

Museums in Majorca
Fundación Yannick y Ben Jakober.

To get a glimpse of the cultural integrity of Majorca visit the Yannick & Ben Jakober Foundation in Alcúdia presents an intriguing collection of some magnificent forms of art and sculpture, with stunning views overlooking Alcúdia Bay and is set along the amazing Coll Baix Penninsula. The grand display of over 150 European portraits of children called the Nins, dating back to the 16th - 19th centuries is surely enthralling, these portraits are put on view in a renewed water reservoir which is placed underground, here you can also take pleasure in the contemporary art exhibitions and beautiful rose gardens comprising of a wide variety of roses and the sculpture park with a number of outdoor statuettes.

The CCA Andratx Art Centre.

If you are interested in Majorcan architecture the cultural centres and modern day art galleries, then the west side of Majorca will suit you the best, the CCA Andratx Art Centre in Andratx is one of Europe's most fascinating private buildings for contemporary art. The CCA Andratx Art Centre is surrounded by mountains and the idyllic setting of the CCA Andratx Art Centre is awesome, built in typical Majorcan style this centre is quite impressive with a display of great works by renowned artists, it also offers a huge gallery presenting some splendid sculptures, photography and canvas art. Some of the artists whose works claim much appeal to visitors are Martin Parr and Carles Congost, the rising young Spanish artist, in the art gallery there's a studio on site which provides a unique chance to perceive some revolutionary art forms.

Castell de Bellver.

To relive Majorca's rich and diverse history, take a trip to the Castell del Bellver, the stunning vista of the round hilltop castle makes it an ideal tourist spot with a difference, the unique history of the fortress gives it a certain edge over the other sought after sites, the Castell del Bellver was built in 1309. The island of Majorca witnessed the reign of the royal family for only short time, during that period the kings of Majorca used the citadel as their summer residence, with a strong fortification it was utilized for imprisonment too. Today it houses Palma's Municipal Museum exhibiting mainly a large collection of archaeological artifacts and old coins and models of archaeological excavations can be seen here.

Museu d'Art Espanyol Contemporani.

For a fascinating Spanish city cultural break all year round, Majorca is definitely one in a million, located in Palma, Museu d'Art Espanyol Contemporani is a big draw for tourists from across the globe. The Museu d'Art Espanyol Contemporani was altered in the early twentieth century, this museum has the grand Renaissance building as it's setting. The Museu d'Art Espanyol Contemporani houses one of the best collections of contemporary Spanish art, the 16 art galleries exhibits overwhelming masterpieces by various artists featuring famous Spanish artists of the twentieth century such as Pablo Picasso ( Head of a Woman, 1907 ), paintings by Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Julio Gonzalez, Antoni Tapies and Juan Gris, there are also a number of creations by contemporary artists like Miquel Barceló and many more.

Majorca Museum.

If your looking to learn more about traditional Spanish culture then a good place to start is the Majorca Museum, another key attraction in Majorca, esteemed as the best in the whole Balearic Islands, Museu de Majorca is near the renowned cathedral of the island. The Museu de Majorca was opened in 1968 and is set in the ancient building of Palau Ayamans which was built almost 400 years ago. The Museu de Majorca rich historical significance is evident from the presentation of intriguing collections and a great many exhibits, with remarkable findings during excavations the main highlighted part of the exhibition is the archaic artifacts, there are also invaluable Moorish ceramics, Medieval and Baroque paintings and remains of prehistoric structures with traces of an epical past, Majorca Museum is certainly worth a visit.

Palma Cathedral.

One of the first things you will see while visiting Majorca is the fantastic La Seu Palma Cathedral dominating the bay, situated in the capital Palma this magnificent structure is a tribute to traditional gothic architecture. The French Gothic style cathedral started taking shape in 1230 and was completed around 1600, at the beginning of the twentieth century some of it's interior and the main portico were restored by the great Antoni Gaudi.
Take a tour around the cathedral and visit the museum set in the chapter room, the museum exhibits an amazing collection of invaluable gold and silver objects, various religious artworks and two incredible candelabras, with elaborate stained glass windows, front altar’s centerpiece, a twisting sculpture suspended from the ceiling and the spacious interior of the cathedral is truly awe inspiring.


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