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Sightseeing in Majorca

Majorca's many wonderful sights draws tourists from around the world, here are just a few places that are worth visiting while your on holiday in Majorca, Palma Bay, Sa Calobra, Porto Cristo and Cabera.

Sightseeing in Majorca
Experience Majorca.

If you want to experience something new for your vacation, you should start looking for cheap holidays to Majorca! This tourist spot offers more than just beautiful sites as it undeniably makes you relax to the fullest. The entire place is filled with beautiful beaches and scenic spots, just perfect for you if you are trying to unwind. Apart from these, you can also do many activities here—from sightseeing to sailing to scuba diving to hiking and even to rock climbing.

Majorca's many wonderful sights draws tourists from around the world, here are just a few places that are worth visiting while your on holiday in Majorca, Palma Bay, Sa Calobra, Porto Cristo and Cabera

National Park of Cabrera Archipelago.
Just about an hour's sailing from Majorca will take you to the Parque Nacional del Archipiélago de Cabrera which is one of the best preserved nature parks, set amidst the bounties of nature it's marine ecosystem is quite significant, this National Marine and Land Park surely owes it's fame to the remarkable presence of meadows of Neptunegrass, outstanding botanical endemism and a wide variety of birds.

Covering an area of 10.021 Hectares this Nature Park boasts to draw scores of tourists, just take a boat from Colonia de Sant Jordi or Porto Petro gets you there, Cabrera (the main island), six smaller isles and a number of rocky isles, the park provides a unique day out. The parks natural splendour also holds a rich cultural significance in the form of a 14th century castle and undersea archaeological sites and also on land.

Capocorb Vell.

This is one of the most unique and fascinating features of Majorca with it's remains of the Talaiotic culture which reigned between 1300 BC to 800BC. Talaiots are rectangular or circular structures that can be as high as 10-15 meters, these structures were used as burial chambers and defensive fonts, the small settlements are surrounded by Cyclopean walls.

The walls were made from massive stones but without any cementing material to bind them, these structures are valuable for understanding ancient Majorcan culture, Capocorb vell is situated 12 km to the south of Llucmajor, you can take a walk through this ancient village and visit 5 talaiots, this place lies in land from the coast and is 100 meters above sea level.

La Granja.

La granja is famous for it's natural spring since the time of the Romans, La Granja is a country house lying to the south of Banyalbufar, various noble families of Majorca have owned it since 1447 and the artifacts dates back to the 17th century, these attractions include a lavish drawing room with a theatre, a family chapel and a dungeon with torture chambers.

La Granja is an ideal place to discover rural Majorcan culture and heritage, at La Granja you can enjoy displays of traditional household objects in various workshops and cellers, you can also indulge yourself in a feast of traditional Majorcan cheese, wine and sausages and you can enjoy a demonstration of lace making and embroidery by Majorcan women in their traditional outfits, you can also take a walk and relax in the beautiful botanical garden and waterfalls.

Parque Natural de S'Albufera de Majorca.

Lying in l'Alcúdia bay in the north of the island of Majorca, the S 'Albufera Nature Reserve has a muddy coastline and is shaped by various lakes and channels, if it's your first trip there then go to the Visitor Centre in Can Picafot to collect some essential information about the park. This nature reserve is surely noteworthy as it's home to a large variety of craniates, Tortoises, martens, calopets and weasels.

Apart from the existing vertebrates there are also plenty of birds residing in this reserve, including Purple heron, little bittern, 'vascon', black winged stilt, marsh harrier and mustached warbler can be found here, another fascinating aspect of this pine nestled park is the abundance of flora especially the cladium mariscum and reeds, a small museum exhibiting a model of the nature reserve can also be seen here.

Coves Del Drac.

In the vicinity of Porto Cristo lies one of Majorca's hottest tourist destinations known as Coves del drac or the 'dragon caves' which is a network of dark underground limestone caves ornamented by several mysterious structures of stalactites and stalagmites. These caves were discovered in the 19th century by the famous French geologist Edouard Martel, a 2 hour long guided tour will take you through the mesmerizing sites of stalactite formations like the fairies theatre, Diana's bath, the cactus and many more.

Some of the stalactite formations will remind you of huge medieval chandeliers hanging from the roof, you'll feel like your inside a witches cave, the dark mysterious ambience will have a haunting effect on you. This tour ends on Lake Martel, Europe's biggest underground lake where you can take in a floodlit violin concert, the tour ends returning across the lake by boat.

Tropical Park Jumaica.

Tropical Park Jumaica is set in a picturesque backdrop and was started in 1973, initially as a family affair, the vast region of barren land has been dramatically altered into a tropical paradise and is situated on the Ctra Porto Colom on Porto Cristo road, nearly 1.5 km south of the Calas de Majorca, this fascinating place is rapidly becoming one of the major attractions in Majorca.

The vivid colourful and serene environment with it's attractive surroundings has a therapeutic effect on visitors, scores of tourists flock here throughout the year and take pleasure in the captivating surroundings of Tropical Park Jumaica. The complex has a banana plantation covering most of the areas and is home to beautiful tropical birds, countless species of plants and a wide array of other animals, take a day off to visit Tropical Park Jumaica and plunge into the ecstasies of nature.

Sa calobra.

Sa calobra is one of the best coves in Majorca, this serene and beautiful spot lies on the northern coast, the trip to Sa Calobra is as wonderful as the destination itself, winding around the Puig Major where the elevation drops down 800 metres in just a stretch of 12 Km. If your not very fond of driving or travelling along hilly roads you can take a boat ride from Port de Soller where you can marvel at breathtaking views of the lofty Puig Major through many unspoilt and serene bays.

In Sa calobra you can take a walk through a 200 m tunnel and get to the Torrent de Pareis or 'twin streams' that originates at the top of the mountains where the torrents from Lluc and Gorg Blau meet. This gorge is 400 m high and only 30 m wide, at the end of the trek you can unwind on a small pebble beach with fellow travellers.

Puig De Randa.

This is one of the most important pilgrimages of Majorca since historical times, it is a table mountain lying at an altitude of 543 Meters, today it is a favoured destination for cyclists and bike riders alike. There are three separate hermitages along the winding road to the summit, Oratori de Nostra Senyora de Gracia is the lowest and lies on the ledge of a cliff.

The next hermitage is Santuari de Sant Honorat and the highest hermitage is called Santuari de Cura where Ramon Llull, the founder of Puig de randa used to live. You can visit Sala Gramatica and see the original manuscript of Llull, at the top you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the Palma Bay and Cabrera Island, the pilgrim's block provides room for travellers.

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Sightseeing in Majorca

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